Monday, April 18, 2005

Play in my wedding, or I'll break your legs

A while back, while I was in a particularly giving mood, I informed my girlfriend Jenni that I would play a duet with her in her friend's wedding. She had been asked by her engaged friend to play during her special day, and over the next few weeks, she began to drop very subtle hints about that fact that I should do the same. Eventually, I gave in and agreed to play with her at the wedding, because I thought it might actually be fun.

That decision has since come back to haunt me in a very real way.

The wedding is this Friday, and I don't think that Jenni and I are ready for our first offical duet performance. Not to mention the fact that I haven't played my violin in over 7 years, and I think I sound like a monkey trying to shove a banana up his butt. We've been practicing, and I have enjoyed doing that, I must admit. It makes me upset that I didn't keep up with my instrument all these years; it's a nice hobby to have.

Wait, wait I don't want to get side-tracked here. Look, this girl getting married has turned this friendly duet into a battle of wills. It's starting to draw on my nerves, and so far it has taken all of the fun out of this for me.

First of all, the girl requested 7 different songs for us to play. 7 songs! Jenni has played at weddings before, and the most she has ever played was 3. Requesting 7 songs isn't a "hey, wouldn't it be cool if you played a song at my wedding?" kind of thing. That's more like a "I'm too cheap to hire a professional, so I'm just going to use you two, for free" kind of thing. Jenni was able to talk her friend down from her lunacy, and they agreed on 4 songs. 2 of them are really easy wedding marches, so I'm ok with that. Except for the fact that one of the songs is "here comes the bride" or whatever it's actually called...and that made me nervous. So I asked Jenni. "Jen, are we like...playing this while she walks down the isle to get married?" and Jen looked at me for a moment and responded "Well...yeah."


That's like the most important friggin part of the entire wedding ceremony! We have to play "Here comes the bride" as her friend walks down the isle! DAMMIT! Why did I get myself into this nonsense?!

Oh, it gets better. The wedding is this Friday, as I have mentioned. What I did not mention is that it starts at 3:00 in the afternoon. Who the hell has their wedding on a weekday at 3:00? That means everybody is going to have to get off work early to go to it! That means that I will have to leave work early to make it on time! That pisses me off, mainly because I am a temp right now, and and temps DO NOT GET PAID TIME OFF. So, not only is Jenni's friend getting us to play at her wedding for free...I'm actually LOSING money out of the deal.


I have decided that, while I enjoy playing the violin again, and will most likely continue to do so after this entire wedding fiasco is completed...I will NEVER play in a friend's wedding again, unless it is a close friend, and I only play a few a favor. Aw, crap. I'll probably be writing a blog entry just like this one, next summer. I'm just too nice for my own good.

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