Thursday, March 03, 2005

I Now Own a Viper

Well, that’s a bit misleading, isn’t it? I was not trying to insinuate that I have purchased a new Dodge Viper sports car, nor was I tying to convey that a new reptile buddy now resides in my living room. I was actually referring to my new car security system upgrade: the Viper 350HV.

Now, this is exciting for me for the following reasons:

1-I’ve never before owned a car alarm system
2-I purchased it at $50 off normal sale price
3-Best Buy hasn’t had any in stock for over 2 weeks.

I have been waiting for this damn alarm for over 2 weeks now, even though I purchased it long, long ago in a Best Buy store far, far away. Everyday I would call the store to inquire about my newly-purchased (yet so far phantom) alarm system…only to have the idiots at Best Buy tell me that “No new alarms have been shipped to the store. Please call back tomorrow.”

You bastards! Give me my damn alarm system!

Well, today I received the phone call I had been waiting for. Jeff from the Car Audio Department informed me that they now had in stock a new Viper 350HV car alarm system, which was ready for me to pick up at my earliest (2 weeks ago, you fuckers!) convenience. So, today after work I will hop on over to Best Buy and see if they do, in fact, have my alarm in stock. If so, then next Wednesday, Dante will get an alarm installed, and he’ll be safe from all those evil Overland Park car thieves…heh.

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