Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I Don't Think Anybody Reads This

Ok, I've officially decided that nobody reads this stupid blog. Now, I'm not upset about this... it's just a random blog about nothing, and I seem to lack the creative abilities to make that interesting enough for anybody to read on a regular basis.

So, maybe I won't post The Tiny Pond part 4, because it might just be a waste of my time.

Then again, if somebody is reading this, it would be a shame to disappoint them by quitting. Of course, if nobody is reading this...wouldn't that mean I'm talking to myself? Oh, God. Is this the first stage of some sort of psychotic episode? Am I turning into that guy who walks down the street arguing with himself?


Perhaps I should take it easy. I don't want to wear one of those white jackets, with extra-long sleeves.


Connie said...

um...hello? i read this!!! therefore you MUST write part 4!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read it. I think it's fabulous and I have been thinking about doing this myself. ~Linds

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you didn't keep the little ducky story you wrote a few years ago. ~Linds

Shanshu said...

OMG the little ducky story!! I forgot about that! Oh, maybe Sabrina kept a copy? I would TOTALLY post that, if I still had it!

Jen said...

I read it, sweet guy! And since I'm THE most important thing in your life, that should be all that matters. :)