Friday, January 26, 2007

From the Ashes...

That's right...Shanshu is back again for more tales of group bunny, rants about idiots, and general humor and entertainment for the numerous blog-surfers who can find no rest or inner peace without constantly checking their favorite sites for updates!!!

I know it's been a long time since I've been around...too long, actually. But that's ok. I don't really think you will hold it against me. For starters, I'm not even sure how many people will even come check my site, since I've been gone for so long it's probable at least one of you has died in the interim...sorry about that, by the way. What's infinity like?

I wish I had a good explanation for you. You know...a tale of woe and despair that begins with a quest or decision and leads into a struggle for dominance and victory while adding in a romantic aspect and finally reaching a monumental and cathartic climax with a decrescendo of conclusions and a lesson learned?

Something like that would be nice...but I don't have one of those.

The best I can do, is say that while my life has had ups and downs and turns and interesting moments involving carpet glue and vodka, for the most part things have been boring and not really worth talking about in any great detail during my introduction post.

That's what this is, by the way. The introduction post into my new blog and the Phoenix-style rebirth that has occurred.

Since this is my first post from my sabbatical, I'm going to avoid getting into my usual rants or comedic posts involving group sex or Chinese take-out food and instead simply say that I am back, and I hope to blog more in the near future.

You may now take this opportunity to comment on my triumphant return and tell me how much you missed me, or how pissed you are at me...or just to say hello.


wrmblnwrck said...

Dude, welcome back. Not that I could really welcome you back, since I haven't exactly done much in the past oh, year. Think of me as the flight attendant welcoming you to a city they aren't actually in yet.

Connie said...


Kay said...

Welcome back.
I suppose I can be the bigger (wo)man here and forgive you for leaving like that... Or I could be the bitter bitch who keeps bringing it up again and again.
We'll see what happens.

But seriously, glad you're back.

crabcake said...

WOOT! It's about time.

I'll make sure you're still linked up over at the field.

The Humanaught said...

Yeah.. and here I just took you off my blogroll... damnit. ;-) Good to have you back, I was not expecting it to happen.


Callie said...


And I never took you off my blogroll.


Justin said...

Hoo-RAH! And other such nonsense which otherwise relates a feeling of good-will towards you and your new post. :)

Spinning Girl said...

I am so psyched.