Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm not QUITE dead yet

I'm not dead yet.

I promise.

I took a job in Chicago and I haven't blogged in like, forever.

I know you all hate me. Nobody is reading this, I know it. But JUST IN CASE somebody does read it, know that I love you.

Here is a link to my WIX page so you can see that I'm alive and well.

My Chicago Page

Hugs and kisses on all your pink parts.



Connie said...

I'm still here. I actually prefer this to your WIX page because I can subscribe to an RSS feed for your blog but not your WIX page. I'm a dork.

Callie said...

I went over to your WIX page, and your blog is in a different language, and only has one entry that I can see, I didn't see any pics, and I can't see the videos, since they're You Tube, and my work blocks You Tube.


Guess I'll have to log back on tonight to see what I'm missing.

Glad you're back!

Think Frustrated said...

Dude, I check every Monday. Where are you in Chicago? I live about 30 miles South of the city in a sort-of-suburb called Monee. (We're really more rural.) We got hit by a tornado last week. If you're around, we should hang out...

Spinning Girl said...


damasta said...

I'm going to Chicago in 3 weeks! wooo!!!!
Shanshu I still love you! my blog is on wordpress now,

i guess my name will tell u that. whatever. shuddup. anyways. bye. :)

Ookami Snow said...

A year and no posts :(